The Whalley Santa Cause is currently Sponsored by : The Makeup Squad

To: Valued Business Owners in The City of Surrey

My name is Erica Beckstead, in 2011 I started a Charity Event to help the homeless on the streets in the Community of Whalley. This street referred to as “The Whalley Strip”, has everything you don’t want to see. Drug users, Drug Trafficking, Prostitution, Violence, Homelessness, Poverty and no sense of hope.

My dream was to change the streets in Whalley. So, I picked Christmas day to be a good start. So, back in 2011 with myself and 2 friends, we walked the streets handing out the 50 hampers that I made, full of soap and shampoo. It felt like we accomplished something and we’ve been going strong every year since.

Vancouver Television is our 1st Sponsor who gave us our very own first commercial and in December it airs on Shaw. You may watch it here.

I still shake my head that only 2 blocks from my cozy home there are people living in tents and tarps on the sidewalks. Last year in 2015 we had 50 volunteers and handed out over 500 donations of clothes, scarves, sweaters, gloves, socks and personal hygiene items consisting of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash, and perfume.

We make all the hampers, I make each one in my house, each gift is full of about 20 items, and we would love it if you could find it in your heart to donate to our Charity this year and make it even better for the people living out there on the streets. You can donate in several ways, you can donate your time as a Volunteer , or by buying the personal hygiene items we need, or by donating A gift of $100.00. This allows us to buy what we need. We accept PayPal and Credit card thru our website below or you can also send a money email transfer to We also offer charitable donation receipts for your convenience. We can list you as a SPONSOR on our website, unless you wish to remain anonymous.

Please join us as a Volunteer on December 25, 2016 at 1pm at Gateway station. We are usually done within an hour. Come and see how your donations impact the community. It is truly amazing. If its in you to give to others, there is no better feeling.

You can also find us on the City of Surrey’s Community Events Page @

Creator and Founder,

Erica Jane Beckstead